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Inky Thoughts

Yesterday on the way to work I was having a browse of the Metro newspaper, and as of the moment and as rightly should be there was an article about Harvey Weinstein.  Now let me state here and now my blog isn't about him, or anything he has done.  That is an issue for someone… Continue reading Inky Thoughts

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When you’re a parent you should enjoy….

I love my kids, but what I don't love is what I am supposed to enjoy doing with them most of the time. That might sound mean but it is true! So here's a round up of what I DON'T like doing as a parent.... Going to the park Now this sounds like something I… Continue reading When you’re a parent you should enjoy….

Mumming & Parenting Blogs

Milestones and Timelines

Recently I've been doing that thing no parent should do, comparing. I seem to be constantly worried about my children's development and what they should be doing and how they should be behaving at certain ages. I've been worrying about the youngest and the fact she's 16 months and doesn't really talk, other than the… Continue reading Milestones and Timelines

Mumming & Parenting Blogs

Round Two… There’s no going back – Chapter 2

Well I hope that I haven't scared you off too much with Chapter 1, but if you're here then you've decided to come along on the journey of pregnancy two and the birth of my daughter. So grab your doughnut cushion and a nice glass of wine and we'll begin..... Baby 2 7lb 14oz Girl… Continue reading Round Two… There’s no going back – Chapter 2